Tuesday, January 03, 2012

finecast aint so bad.....

hello again, long time no post, long time no hobbying really,though i am starting to find time to get back into the beserkers,

anyway i found my pocket bulging with an extra 30 quid, and i thought to myself.... i want one of those

by those, i mean a sammael on jetbike, in finecast. for my huge unfinished collection of dark angels. and voila! the games-store did provide
did the usual open in the gamestore to check for huge errors, and im quite pleased that theres nothing glaring'ly wrong with it.

well the plasma cannon has a bit missing from the top (hidden by the prow)  and there are lots of tiny bubbles in rather irritating places, the question is, should i bother filling and filing them?  i think the answer is no, because a) im lazy and b) sometimes i put on really thick coats of paint anyway, and as im following the same 4 layer wash technique for black (ah'la vanus temple Linky ) all the little holes will most likely fill themselves up.  or at least i hope so.

still for £30 i am a bit disappointed at the quality games workshop is pushing out here. you never have these problems with plastic, so why should they really be pushing this "technology" out the door when im sure i could get better from a box of a million sprues.  sure thats the downside of plastic, but honestly, i dont mind. they are doing wonderful stuff with it.

oh and i also got a ghost ark for xmas, so thats on the list of things you might see sooner than you think (i hope your thinking about 2-3 months ;)  )


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