Friday, July 29, 2011

badass psyker disapproves of head littering

haha yes, not khornite in any way *sad panda*  but its what ive been tinkering with recently, for my DA ravenwing army, i bring you!  badass librarian biker stabbing some dirty plaguebearer head with his sword, pew pew,    thanks very much grey knight bits

nb, hes missing a thumb on his left hand tho,  bit of an improv as the front bit is angled slightly,  and he can only hold it minus the thumb!    oh well, looks good on the surface, and off to join the paint queue it goes!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

eep its been 2 weeks!

and i havent posted anything!  soz bout that, but i am workin hard again, and im waiting on a few crucial things before assembly goodness

"why havent you finished painting those squads"  i hear you cry!... well i dont, but i imagine you did shout it.
well..... erm..... yeah  no excuse, im being lazy ^^

dont worry ill find some time, somewhere, somehow, somesausages..... errr yeah
anyway, blood for the blood god!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Skulls for the skull throne! kharn has arrived :D

Good news everybody!

O'rly Doctor nick?

yes.... and my names not nick!
anyway, Kharn has arrived! mr tim over at vanus temple finally finished the bugger off yesterday... and then i brought it home and fixed it a bit more.. (shh dont tell him!)  anyway here he is looking lovely:

the shoulder pad was one of the things timmy missed, gotta make sure my world eaters have worlds to eat!

The Gory axe, as meant to have a removable gore streak, but again tim disappointed me with being unable to craft one! (methinks the new Storm of Magic distracted him too much..grrrr)
So thats on the to-do list, when ive got me some spare time, and some goopy see-through stuff!  i hear tamiya makes something useful

a bit of a closer shot on the base, notice the red blood seeping out, thats me, the glow on the pistol is all tim tho, it looks wonderful!  theres some green around the eye too that i need to learn for the others

now group shot!

Everything else is still waiting for some form of paint/construction  so lots to do, and it looks like i might actually have some time to do so! the quiet no-wedding months are ahead <3


Tuesday, July 05, 2011

eeep work ahead !

so, once again i am all booked up in time at work, seriously working this much should be a crime! but some other lucky so and so's have decided to jump ship and go on holiday for the week, and the castle is so bloody busy during summer already :(

  just need to be patient and wait for august when i am off for turkey... well that is unless i get a new job at a nicer place soon!  which i just mite, phone interview thursday, fingers crossed i dont just waffle on and bore them to death over the phone :S

in more relevant news (to you anyway, you dont read this for my daily life, just the modelling goodness)  not much progress so far (i promise ill get some time for them soon.... err i hope.... maybe.... >< )


ooh before i forget, lovely tim over at the vanus temple says hes nearly finished with kharn, just some gore-modelling-issues, so i will have that to show soon :D

Friday, July 01, 2011

woops, need to post!

soo ive been very quiet recently on the blogfront, but thats just pure lazyness so bear with me as i show you some lovely new stuff ive done:

so i finished the first squad, and finished magnetizing that dozer blade, on the rhino which needs to get some primer in the near future
then i primer'd the next two squads on the block, the forgeworld ones,  lovely dragon red there

and finally ive finished off their bases, so theyre ready for drilling and then the above warriors can be mounted.

still to do: 3 more rhinos need assembling
zhufor needs his parts primed and painted, then final assembly
the other termies need assembling and i need to fix my mould for the LC
the last squad of marines needs assembling(the boltgun-chainsaw-melta-marines)
and then i need to think about buying land raiders, oblits and digging out my defiler thats hiding in the attic, who needs some extra arms (wewt wewt 4 closecombat weapons ftw!)

And that's without even touching my dark angels, which has a list that's ridiculously long but if i get inspired/bored then that's something i can get on with

Also got me a dremell, so drilling for magnets or pinning is gonna go so much faster <3   just need to be careful with resin! masks anyone?