Tuesday, May 31, 2011

dont worry! still alive!

too any of you who sometimes come visit me here, i am still posting, ive just been suuuuper busy all weekend at work :( and will also be suuuper busy this weekend! stupid weddings!

anyway lovely news, ive got me some rhinos! and lots of other stuff from that huge order i placed not long ago before the price rise, so all that is still to come.  the DA are still lacking any progress, and the world eaters have 1 more fully painted bezerker who looks pretty much the same as last.
oh and on those silicone moulds, i didnt mix the stuff thoroughly enough an so they got chucked, and ive made some new ones, with lots of mixing so hopefully they will be all done by tommorrow.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

mouldy mould

today i have mostly been eating out of date food.....
not really! hah you didnt think this blog was about food did you ?

but the title is apt, ive been messing around with moulds! silicone ones!
here are some in the process of creating the first half of 2 2 piece moulds. not gonna tell you whats in them because ill probably be slandered for something, but it sure is too expensive to buy certain terminator bits isnt it! especially if bits stores dont stock for money reasons.
and heres a mould thts completed... sorta, has the 2 parts and fits together but its very naff, and you can probably make out all the blue residue from the clay on one :(
still it was sorta finished so i practiced pouring some resin into it, which worked fine,  but then i got impatient with it and ripped it open when only half was dry!  fail.....

checkin the dry part though i was sufficiently happy with the detail it had retained, though i was saddend by the none dry bit being a bit weak from the design of the weapon, thin barrels are annoying!  oh well ill try again when ive finished the other two, as i had loads of resin left over that hardened in their little plastic pot very quickly. and i had to chuck.

so tell me, (anyone who wants to that is.... cmon smone ... hello? hello?  .....hellooooooooooo? :'(  ) whats your prefered technique for moulding, mine seems to be : make a mess, make some more mess, cleanup later. :D


Monday, May 23, 2011

money money money!

hmm money.

fickle thing aint it. everyone wants it, so they can change it into nice things... like models :D
and with that price rise announcement for the end of the month im in a bit of a predicament.... should i spend about £300 now and get the non-metal models i need to finish the armies, or should i wait and buy them when i win the lottery ....

frankly im leaning to the buy now option, but it worries me with lots of "what if's"  :   what if my car breaks and needs repairing, what if i break an appendage and need expensive surgery..... what if, what if....
irritating isnt it.
anyway heres a nice piccy of what im working on today:
yay more bezerker assembly.
once im finished assembling ill be in yet another dilemma.  do i stick them in a washing up liquid bath for a couple of days to get rid of mould release gunk, or do i just prime away and hope for the best...

oh well, back to the glue fumes.

and i think ive made my descision:  buy now, save money on the basics, and then drool over any new "finecast" minatures that come out...until ive earnt enough to go spending again.
empty wallet syndrome incoming!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

another one down

yay one more beserker for the troop slot:

sooo whats next on the stuff to do block, well more beserkers thats for sure, this is only number 4 out of squad 1, so thats another 35 more to go, (one squad is only 9 man for kharny)

and then i need some rhinos.... or land raiders.

now unless you manage to stay away from popular blog sites and forums you will have heard about all those changes that GW is undergoing at the mo,  finecast minature range rolling out, price hikes left right and centre, and a clamp down on leaky boardrooms.  What does this mean to me?   well not much yet thank god. still boxes of stuff that needs assembling/painting/loving.  And i do want to save up for some gameboard/mat/terrain too.  got my eye on some nifty producers of gaming materials (zuzzy, battleinabox,customkingdoms, terrainmat etc etc etc) i hope they dont raise prices too.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beserkers with boltguns!

Yes thats right! you read the title correctly, so here's a little sneak peak into my plans for the 4th squad in my army.  It will just be a normal marine squad in the codex armed with an icon of khorne to justify those lovely forgeworld chainsaw bayonets.  im also making use of some black templar bolters, as having the boltgun chained to your arms seems apt for a bunch of psycho bloodbath nutters.  Its all a ruse to jam some melta into my army of course, but with the current codex how else would i do that?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

more bezerker goodness

huzzah another one done, and another on the way. slow progress, but its some!

i would love to be doing these faster, but batch painting isn't for me, i can only do one colour for so long before it gets tedious, and that length of time is about one model's worth! I do tend to worry nowadays that i mite have some form of ADHD or other, but i guess ill dismiss it as some sorta placebo effect caused by all those headlines in newspapers and reality tv..... at least until i get a really friendly doctor or go crazy.  My job and resultant searching for a better one also gets in the way, i wish i had a regular schedule for work but needs must to fuel this plastic/resin drug!

as a side note and bonus for... well my 0 followers, and because i want to.  My workspace! :

the daylight lamp in the middle there is the best thing ive ever bought, that psychological thing (seasonal affective disorder) seems to exist for me, as i feel happier and more active when its on... could just be the glue fumes tho.
bit of Iplayer keeps me amused when im'a hobbying. also, my display shelves above this:

bit wonky, and covered in things ive painted or have yet to paint/finish assembling.
from top to bottom:
some warhammer, vampire and nurgly warriors, along with some bone coloured necrons courtesy of a very simple painting technique ill share at some point, and some ebay bought red rods
then on the second shelf, my currently painted dark angels and a companion cube cutout from a magazine <3 also a small mirror from way back
on the final shelf, weve got some unpainted figures that i love, lots of resiny world eater stuff, some dark angels including my land raider ares, semi assembled and waiting for me to get off my lazy arse and start painting it, and finally some lego in an attempt at resin casting, still need to make a 2nd half of the mould, very messy process though,

anyway, until next time!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mmm primer fumes

Yay red for the red god!
More paint scheme testing to come
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

So, here it goes!

Hurray blog post number 1, official an all that,

after experimenting with posting on my phone i find it inadequate for what i have to say, and show.
thats right! show!!!   yes i have some lovely pictures to post!
unfortunately, that means i am going to have to classify what most of this blog is about.

so here we go,
Warhammer 40k stuff, yaaay
what i am currently working on:  World eaters, nom nom

 Lord Zhufor the headless, and armless, hehe well he is a work in progress, ive magnetized his head, and ill paint him in seperate parts, all that lovely detail needs to be handled carefully.  I already lost one of his skull spikes/trophy racks and to replace it, hurray for ebay.
 mmm forgeworld parts for more world eater lovely ness, only parts for 9 here tho, a head and a shoulder went off to a nice person to make me a custom kharn conversion, hes done like 3 already for others, and they just keep getting better (its timjim/dezartfox over at the-vanus-temple) very handy that he lives so close, i can go over and hug him if the work is as amazing as it looks to be, only a month or so to go before it should be ready :D

p.s. anyone got good tips for removing mould release? damn stuff seems immune to fairy liquid
 skull champ numero uno!   took me a while to decide on what kinda powerfist to give him, (cmon GW add one to the bezerker box already, in fact just update the whole line of CSM, those models are so out-dated!) so i settled with forgeworld again and their pre-heresey option, very nice option, might carve an even nicer khorne symbol into it, bit of practice on something first tho.

 ah the old beserkers of mine, without any forgeworld goodies, or power fist for that matter, better hack one on methinks.   this is the new paint scheme im going for, defo gonna change the skulls there, give them a brown/bone undercoat before white highlights like the next model has.

was trying out a green wash on this, tell me what you think, personally i think it mite be to bright, perhaps thats the blood red highlights being to thick hmmm.    gold needs more devlan or sepia too
 love this model, its a must have for any chaos army imo.   also a little hint to my other project that has kinda stalled,  lovely dark angel robed army!! got a command squad, a tactical and some assult marines already painted, gonna have to take pics of them too soon, but ill leave that for when ive got nothing else to post yeah :D

personal challenge of 1 post every 2/3 days methinks, prefably more, but i dont want to burn myself out, saying that im way to lazy, so more mite be better, get into a rhythm

also, do you like the base? micro art studio chaos bases, lovely lovely item.

and heres the "to be painted" queue at the moment, the 10 forgeworld, and the 10 old old old models, i like the deep red almost purple they have, but it will have to go, in favor of dirty dirty blood reds, i see an order of weathering powder in the future.

on a side note, ive give all my forgeworldians chain axes, nice touch i think. ive had to butcher a few models for that tho, considering theres 9 more still to do. also from my leftover parts ive planned another 10 "normal khorne" marines, with bolters and those nifty chainsaw blades for guns!  ermm bayonet stylee also a nice theme way to get meltaguns in the army!  more updates on that when i get the goods tho

peace off, and ciao and sayonara etc etc etc etc