Saturday, November 26, 2011

army lists, army lists, army lists.

So i have nearly every codex and wfb armies books.
(just missing tau, as i accidently sold it, but rumours say new book soon, so ima savin my penny's)

and i find each and every one of them, a pain in the arse.

sure theyre great, i can read them and then re-read them again and again. but sometimes, i wish they were a bit more flexible.  and none is more so, in the region of current angst, than the Orks


stumbling upon some "cheap" mega-nobz on ebay, and looking through my meagre collection that i still retain after the big sell-off of last year. i thought to myself "hey a mega nob army, that would be great! and i wouldnt have to buy many, or more importantly paint many!

oh dear

so i set about looking at the rules for this and that, and then i wept a little! right there in the HQ section was two things that could of been oh so perfect for a usable (given normal FOC and points range) army list.
the Mad Dok
and the Big Mek.

now they dont give me my lovely mega'nobz as troops, oh no! i need warbosses for that, but what they do, do is provide that extra save that every big heavy armoured elite section unit has these days, namely a second dice roll on the "save me" chart. im talking about cover or feel no pain saves. the Big mek and his lovely big force field bubble would look perfect, if he could also wear that mega-armour too. look its right next to it in the "pick only one of these" coloumn!  oh how i weep, surely those techno-brains could come up with meshing the two technologys of preservation together.   and mad dok! why does he have to be mad? why does he have to be a HQ choice! normal nobs get painboys, is it that hard to give mega'nobs one too?  sure he can also dish out 5++ saves army wide if you have the points, but he needs to be baby-sat, specifically inside a vehicle that he never has to get out of. its suprising actually that they dont just list "rage" underneath his special rules, as it is only quietly mentioned in his "one scalpel short of a medpack" rule.

anyway im waffling about one particular aspect of Orks, what im trying to say is that all of these rule-books are so restrictive in making us choose nice things, that come along with nasty things.  I guess its what keeps this game so addicitive, your chess pieces if you will can hop across the board to check the king in one move, and then be taken down by a lowly pawn in the next.

anyway, all this thought on modelling and army lists is starting to get my mojo back, perhaps ill find the time over the holidays to do something and post some nice pictures,

till next time

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