Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stuff done! picturez!

So to kick things off, ive been assembling some necron goodies,

 the barge and the Ark (magnetized!)

and this fella is my version of Obyron

take one part pariah, take the cloak from the barge, and squish together with greenstuff

quite a nice basic model imo.

Then i did some more painting, Huzzah! the world eaters are growing, lets lookie at the new members:

 And there we go, 6 new and improved Forgeworld fellas on resin bases, very nice, only 14 more to paint, the 4 rhinos need paint too, and i should really spend time assembling those terminators the way i want....

oh and not pictured here, i also have the parts to start working on a Belial for my Dark Angels (hes two parts commander culln, 4 parts Lugft Huron and some deathwing shoulder pads thrown in, and thats before i figure out how to manipulate the 2nd claw i have into a left hand, and start magnetizing the options)


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