Saturday, January 14, 2012

doing anything but world eaters atm...

so i got some lovely immortals and an Ark for xmas.... and then i got sammael on his jetbike, then i went and bought a barge and destroyer (to make into a destroyer lord) and now ive just ordered some parts to let me assemble my deathwing (forgeworld shoulder pads and culln+lugft have great parts for Belial!) along with a few ebay purchases here and there.

and my lovely beserkers continue to stare at me from their primer'd eyes....

*sigh* not enough time in the world

in a similar vein ive got 2 metal wraiths, and some wfb stuff i think ill get rid of.  it wont help me with this crippling addiction to the GW franchise but it will help liquidate some assessts as a business person would put it.

p.s Necron Barges are a biatch to put together!


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