Saturday, February 09, 2013

Why hello again internet

Oh and i bought the chapel off ebay too
 Long time no see!

so what have i been up to in this long absence of time?
many things, many things.  I got a new job pretty much after i uploaded the last post.  And so that has sucked up a lot of my time, its pretty much full on working with computers.  So i am enjoying myself!
I have also gotten back into a lots of computer games, the steam christmas sale robbing me both of money and time.
 So i thought i would take this rather peaceful weekend, with the cheerful sounds of 6 nations rugby in the background, to post up where i am with my collections.

First off, the dark angels.... actually no, before that... the new battle mat i now own and have painted.  Its a zuzzy wounded city terra flex gaming mat, and despite how long it took for the thing to arrive, and the lack of communication from the seller, its a wonderful item.

it took me most of my dark colored paints and the leftover compressed air cans i misguidedly bought from GW to get a decent colour onto it.

And i am quite happy with the results.  Its visible in all the pictures i am posting today so you will be able to make your own judgement about it.

 So yeah, back to the dark angels.  New year, New codex! woohoo!
i have had this meagre force painted and gathering dust on my shelves for over a year now, and while i still have a lot more models unassembled and half primed sitting in boxes, i dont really feel the need to rush my way through them.

don't drop the bolt pistols! you need those!

At the very least the new codex allows me to field them with that minimum troops choice, plasma cannon included!

The rest of the footsloggers sitting in a box are also wearing robes.  I find that the release of the veteran/upgrade pack for dark angels really appealed to me, to have a full army with robes.  I now regret that decision in terms of painting as the cream coloured robes of the dark angels are a
 huge pain to get looking smooth and properly shadowed.

Also i am so glad i waited for finecast for sammuel.  He would of been way to heavy in metal to be of any use.
The plasma cannon on this one does have a bubble, but thankfully its hidden underneath the nose.

 Not satisfied with robed marines i instantly took to the look and feel of Mk3 Iron armour marines, combined with boarding action shields.

Now if only someone would make a codex that allows apothecary's to have storm shields....
 This is the start of a group containing the ltd edition boarding captain, a techmarine, a standard bearer, a vox, as well as a librarian and chaplin.  All with their unique iron armour configurations.  This was made possible, thanks to the rapier crew, and the more recent command upgrade parts.

 They have been primed, and as soon as i get some more time and black wash, they will soon be ready.  There will be several "regular" boarding marines with just boltguns as well.

And i will have them painted in the pre-heresy scheme of the dark angels, black with a red stripe
 The necron force has grown a tiny bit,  I have 30 immortals and some vehicles sitting in boxes, but i did manage to get a few more retro styled wraiths painted, and my unit of 6 is very pleasing to look at.

I also still prefer my version of obyron and nemesor, to those from GW, but i might still buy them to see if the paint scheme takes to them

I also have parts for more cryptek's and regular lords to connect up and create.

 Finally we get to the World Eaters, again lax in assembling the terminators, but i have acquired 8 autocannon totting marines to defend my backfield with style, and rage.... lots of rage

I am unsure with 6th edition, as to whether to finish the rhino's as it looks more and more likely that i would never take them.
Just denying the charge from disembarking is a
huge reason not to take them.

So there we go, that's what is done.  What looks good, and a few thoughts.

I still have many things in storage, that if i had the time and motivation (or money to pay someone to do), would be just plain awesome to get done. A full Spyrer group with matriarch and patriarch, most of the gorkamorka models, and i also went on a little ebay spending spree, to obtain all the retro cardboard buildings and scenery for 40k such as the generator from storm of vengance.

Anyway, thats all for a while.  Who knows when i will next post some interesting tidbits from my life