Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Thats right! ive been modelling, and with these glue covered hands i shall show you what it is i have modeled ....

or at least i would be if the internet was behaving itself... some issue with picasa at the moment.... or possibly blogspot..

anyway hopefully more pictures later!

Edit:  hurrah it works now! goodness knows what was wrong, anyway lookie lookie ive got some spikey .. ermm... rhinookie?

hehe bad rhyming aside isnt it just wonderful! the bitspudlo dozer blade really fits the model in a chaosy not quite pre-heresey way, and the chain bits from the sprues really fit well onto it.

another thing you mite notice is the spikes sticking up out of the armour, i felt that its a much nicer way of representing chaos than the iron railings supplied, and so some quick work with a drill bit and some clippers and you get this nice random effect.
not perfect though, i would of preferred to get some stress and bending from the plastic as i pushed the drill bit through, but i didnt push too hard for fear of snapping the plastic, perhaps i will try the next one with a bit of heat applied to get that stretch, i happen to know i have a heat gun hiding in some forgotten corner somewhere.

and why did it take me so long to do this lovely tank, well heres why! magnets magnets magnets!!! i have them everywhere, just in case i want a chaos predator or if GW decides to add razorbacks to the armoury (with twin-twin-linked reaper autocannons plxkkthxbai)

anyway thats all for now, need a dremel or a right sized drill bit to help finish magnetizing the dozer,

and of course i still need to get round to priming the hell out of all my bezerkers!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


yes, ive been on holiday! all the way up to scotland for a week, was nice, lovely weather, had a house by a beach in the middle of nowhere!
anyway, back now, time to progress onto some more modelling.
and i got some dozerblades from bitspudlo for my rhinos, very nice, good quality where it counts but a lot of mini-bubbling on the bottom of the dozer, good thing that wont be looked at much.  havent got any for my DA as they dont seem right, will be getting proper forgeworld ones for them... as well as extra armour when FW gets around to re-doing the mould ¬.¬

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


so yeah, i promised i would get around to it, and heres where i am with the khorney ones

as you can see ive done 8 of the 10 so far! wewt, finish those last two an then ill start on the forgeworld ones
also a little free hand attempt at the world eater icons, its a bit naff but these guys are only tabletop standard (not that i can do any better with any consistency ='(    )
and heres one of the attempts at moulding, theyre meant to be a pair of lightning claws from the chaos lord set (finding them from bits stores is nigh impossible) but i cant seem to get the mould right, i have bubbles in the claws, and so it looks like theyve had their nails clipped. on top of that look at all that flash from the shitty moulds! gah!  one is even missing a shoulder!!!

need more silicone so i can re-do the moulds =(  so my lighning claw champion termies are gonna have to wait.


Monday, June 06, 2011


so work has been mental this weekend, 3 weddings! gah!   too much work, feet in pain zzzzzzzz

in between the hell though i have had more of a crack at the moulding, and i have this to say.

2 part moulds are F*****g hard to do!!
the resin leaks into the gap between the 2 moulds,
bubbles form in tiny bits and even though i make loads of holes to let it out it doesnt improve with each cast ><
i hate the residue left behind from the clay!
arghh bubbles!
arrgh silicone moulds!

gotta be an easier way to do this....   but that will have to wait, need to order some more silicone for mould making...
resin seems easy to work with, mix 50/50 in a cup, pour into mould, keep checking the cup to see if its still warm, when it cools down the cast is finished!  (n.b. make sure its a bit more 60/40 in favour of the hardener, otherwise the resin is rubbery like finecast!)

oh and as always with resin, dont breathe in the crumbs/dust!!

anyway some pictures tommorrow i hope, more work tonight :(