Thursday, November 24, 2011

wait wait wait... forgeworld where did you put those land raiders?

so, happily browsing away this late thanksgiving/black friday/ american celebration blah di blah night (im english, i just dont get the fun celebrations!)

i noticed something

something sinister,

something theyve done before... sorta

Forgeworld have quietly pulled another conversion kit from its online shop....
well fudge nuggets. not a-bloody-gain

i wish they would announce these things, perhaps even leave the "order now" button there for the times when they do actually replace their complicated moulds that are all so "worn out"

now i dont really know the popularity of some of these kits, but i do know i fantasise about having the spare cash to own some!
so whats missing i hear your figuratively cry!
the land raider mk2B   all of them, both astartes and chaos flavour, i even remember there once being chaos specific treads for land raiders, that had arrows instead of the aquila. theyre gone too, and why? well i suspect the new land raider proteus with all its pre-heresey-not-an-assault-vehicle crap is here.
boo i say!
boo and hiss!
my world eaters want to assault! i dont need some metal box with advanced scanners, and i dont want the latest top of the range, fresh out of the factory model either!
chaos has been slogging around for ages! their tanks are gonna be a bit old design, and i liked the way the sponsons had a slopped angle behind them for the doors, it was a nice feature.

and you might be wondering why i said ive noticed this before.  well check out the rhino upgrades, notice how they have "reinforced armour" under new releases.....  its not new, and theres another armour design.  again go check the chaos rhino armour upgrades,
yes the spaced armour design, there was a regular astartes one too, thats been "under repair" or "re-casting" or whatever, for a year now
my dark angel rhino's havent been assembled partly because of it. i like the look. and i am considering purchasing the chaos ones too....

when i have the money....
cmooon lottery numbers *crosses fingers*


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