Saturday, November 12, 2011

quick necron post

so quick short one, i found another intriguing list idea, that makes 3 groups of immortals able to deepstrike around the board, with a ress orb, and one character with 3++ for invuln.

basically its

Cryptek w/veil
10 immortals

lord with res orb and 3++
10 immortals

Overlord, withs res orb and 3++ (and phaeron relentless)
cryptek w/veil
10 immortals

this very mobile core also leaves some points for a horde of scarabs, or w/e you desire.

then i noticed something else, what if you replaced that Overlord with our favourite expensive character, the Stormlord.
of course you wont have that res orb,
but the combined abilities of Nemesor, and Stormlord allow for one very key difference to the codex.
Flayed Ones.
suddenly theyre a viable choice.
Stormlord gives the no-scatter if within 6" of a chosen enemy unit, which is nice. but your Flayed ones are still sitting around for one of your turns, and the enemies. very ineffeicient.
The Nemesor, allows all deepstriking units, to become like Deathmarks, do the "you deepstrike, so i can do it too in your turn" ability.

suddenly those units of 20 Flayed ones, can appear in your opponents turn, without a mishap, and be used as a big nasty wall of sharp things between their units, and your units. and with 3 attacks each, its a very sharp pointy wall indeed. and then you can move these guys as normal in your turn! brilliant, no time wasted.

downsides :
you do end up grooped together after the deepstrike, as you cant run to spread out
the enemy is more likely to charge you, you are after all within 6" of a unit that is most likely orientated to assault, seeing as it has the deepstrike rule also.
i figure this tactic more for drop-pods full of sternguard or other shooty unit choices, sure your gonna get obliterated with shooting, but that is going to happen if you deepstrike in your turn anyway, at least this time you have more control on where you go.


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