Monday, September 05, 2011

"woah who are you?"

hah yeah, ive been away again, real life, and a holiday wewt wewt,  went to kalkan in turkey, was loads of fun, but thats another story for somewhere else.
but im back! and ive found some time and inspiration to get the old paintbrush out, and here are the results:
mmm shadowy.... so heres some closeups :
first, the vamp brothers, very nice and shiny in their armour, the standard for the bearer isnt finished yet, as me, being me, im no good at freehand yet and i also havent decided on what to actually put on it.....

look forward to it in the future when i become super awesome at that sort of thing....

next up, and rather blurry, is my wight king fella on foot, in his glorious greenish tint armour, helping him to stand out, and his sorta ethereal'ish blade which will ofc be a tomb blade in any army list i use him in (mmm more skellies! yes please)

im sure proper tacticians of vampire kind will say "its wasted on him, aint got a decent weapon skill or strength blah blah blah" but i like the theme of it, reminds me of that dogs of war unit from ages past (kreiger?) that had dwarf and orc and rat and elf skeletons....  cmon GW put that unit in the dogs of war section! not leopolds leapords (who wants pikemen with cat skins on their heads???)

and finally the good old cairn wraith.  Now interesting thing about this fella is that he was purchased by himself, not as part of unit which is what they have to be fielded as... until last months white dwarf!!  hero status ftw!!!   got meself an extra little hero to babysit some units and provide some nice anti-character/monster ethereal'ness (will still loose wounds due to combat resolution though... sad panda)

the sharp eyed of you, might have noticed the fella on horseback, hes the 5th member for my Black knights! wewt legal number for fielding! finally!    and hes sexier than the standard champion that GW sells today. hes a much older one, and i was lucky to find it on GW.  I bet that we get a plastic kit for Black Knights before long to give me some misery, but hey-ho  a nice anti-terrain unit (yay for unsubstantial steeds) for flank charges.

so for my vampire counts i need to 1) sort out snow bases... i really have no clue here and most how-to guides are a bit confusing, im just gonna have to wing it on one of my models for a full effect
2) paint those skellies then get em quickshade'd then get em matte varnished
3) do same with tomb guard
4)paint those fell bats (i have 8!)
5)  ?????
6) profit!

i am eyeing up a terrorgheist as a nasty rare choice, its that or some blood dragons... or the Black coach (but i might wait for some finecast on that, i had one previously and they seem a bit hard to pin.) ooh ooh and i want the old old zombie dragon, not zacharius's one, but before that. as that one is waaaay cooler..... imo. of course if there was a skeleton dragon.....  i guess i need a wight BSB too.   and more skellies and old graveguard...  ahh much to do.

anyway, its not all been Vampire counts, the other armies have been getting some love, ive assembled some deathwing characters (chaplin, librarian, bsb/belial until i buy the forgeworld parts i need) and ive made some progress on various vehicles and things ( the rhinos and some DA stuff)  still lots to do.

oh and some bad news, the magnet seller i found in the US that was selling lovely magnets seems to have gone awol, yet hes left his website up ( so im sadly waiting for my money back through paypal, and will have to source the right bits some other way (ive got loads of termies i want to magnetise.... and vehicles><)   tis a shame *sad panda*   the stuff is good, and i managed to order something from he ages ago.  so if anyone can poke him back to selling that will be good news :D


(p.s.  the new blogger interface is new)

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