Saturday, September 10, 2011

"The Rage Wave" Sisters o' Battle

So having a look at my lovely new White Dwarf codex in both parts (cut out an taped together ftw) I stuck upon this absurd build that gives 6 powerfisty rage units (or possibly 12??) a deathstar and a few troops at 2k.

so step 1. get yourself that HQ deathstar:

Uriah, has to be this beardy awesome man, +1A Fnp and the usual preacher goodness on any unit he is with
add the unit, death cult assassins and Crusaders of course.
add another preacher (from elites) with an eviscerator, as its the only thing missing here (something to tackle a dreadnought)
Bang them in a Rhino with dozers and Extra armour (heck use that lovely Repressor kit for it, will look suitably imposing)

and thats the HQ done. (now we could add some relentless Canoness command squad or Celestine, but we dont have the points)

Troops. get some Battle sisters, 2 x10 man squads down to bare essentials
(simulacrum Imperialis for that auto-regroup faith re-roll, some melta, and a rhino)
now that can be made to 3 10 woman squads, but theres no room for a simulacrum imperialus without cutting stuff out elsewhere (that preacher from command maybe?)

Elites, 3 x10 man squads of Repentia.
yes, the nutjobs. why? well lets see : feel no pain, Fleet, 6++ invulnerable save, they have grenades!, fearless, and in combat with a good faith roll everyone gets to be hit once at least with that big arse chainsword, the Eviscerator (yum yum double strength and extra D6 pen)
(and rage :( but you have 3 squads! evenly space them, and theyre marching across the whole battlefield!)

Heavy, 3 x3 Penitent Engines
Rawr! yes 9 of these heavy flamour Dual-Dreadnought-Close-Combat-weapon nutters.
why 9? so again you can spread over the battlefield and reduce the chance of your opponent kiting you. Also a bit of armour cover for the repentia.

Fast.... erm if you have any points both the seraphim and dominions are good at what they do, namely rush down those flanks and pounce on the mistakes of your opponents

hq : Uriah Deathstar
Elite: 30 Repentia
Troop: 20/30 Sisters
Fast: ...
Heavy: 9 Penitents

Just a few questions on this build though as the "brief codex" doesnt clarify:

a) the pentient engines in 3's for each heavy slot fielded as a squadron? or can they go seperate? thats a huge difference between 6 rage units and 12 !

b) can the lovely exorcist fire indirectly? no mention in the "codex" :(

and a few complaints:

1) zomg 10 minimum size on troops? QQ i want immolator spam, or at least the option to stick an eviscerator wielding priest in the same transport as them (capacity 10 rhino for the loose)

2) seriously? capacity 10? the SoB's are tiny compared to Mr astartes, im sure another person can squeeze in!

3)no jump pack for my cannonness? awww

4) 2 meltaguns per 5 dominions! well screw that, i want an immolator with a multi-melta filled with 6 models with 4 meltas! eat that melta-vets!
(or the same with flamers or storm bolters pew pew)

5) give us something new to play with! make that repressor fit in the codex already! its an awesome model, make it outta nice cheap plastic too!

6) plastic box sets plox kk thx bai

And there we go, silly army list for people to play with. Hope someone has enough metal penitent engines and repentias to give it a go.

in other news

what do you guys think?  that a nice snowy base for ya?

And the mostly done section of the army... minus bases. soon i start on the large units!...

well maybe not, im eyeing up the beserkers, mite do some of them instead. or a million other things

ciao <3

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