Thursday, August 11, 2011

dirty dirty armour!

so, what do you think of progress so far on the vamps! i spent a quite a bit of time wet blend/mixing brown green and boltgun onto these models to get a nice dirty armour look

and plenty of red cloth for all!

eventually they will go dipping in some dark wash to bring out the inner skeleton in them :D

and after thats done, its a case of highlights, and snow basing.

oh and another 39 skeletons, 2 vampires, 18 grave guard, 1 cairn wraith, 1 wight king, and 10 fell bats...  fun times :D

Oh and i still need that 5th member for the knights, the vamps horsie is a good stand in for now (magnets between the mounts wewt!)

future "i want" things for this army include, the old metal zombie dragon (he looks cooler than the new or special character ones, or i might make a custom one, i remember seeing a fully bone dragon in an old white dwarf, see if i can dig it out)

more grave guard!  thats a must,  and more skeletons with lovely coffin shields.

no zombies though. i dont care if i can make em free, im a skelly man.


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