Monday, September 26, 2011

i painted 1 model!!!!

yes, i did.  aha!
isnt he lovely

again, sorry for the long hiatus, ive been busy not painting things. such activities include: buying more stuff that ill never get to paint from ebay (im looking at you skeletons and old graveguard models) and just generally getting on with life.

good news tho, looks like modelling mojo is back and hopefully there will be more to come soon. 

I was also playing around with my terminator parts yesterday, and i have myself a bit of a conundrum
now you see i want to magnetize my nice collection of weapons, for that eventual list-building gaming-purpose of "well i love lightning claws, but combi-melta's are better" bulls@*& and so i decided to make life easier on myself later, what i would do is pin the shoulderpad to the body, at the right angle, then cut a notch in the arm bit that will keep the weapon option static when i pop it in, and not look like the terminator is doing the windmill every five seconds.

sounds like a good idea no?

no, getting a paperclip to bend to the right curve for the shoulder pad is a pain in the back and beyond.  and after ive convinced this small bit of metal to stay on the shoulder pad, i cant then glue it straight into the body to work out an angle as i havent even drilled a hole for magnet yet... in fact i dont have the magnets!

guess i need some more money, huh.

if anyone has a better idea do let me know ^^

p.s. also id love to find someone who would paint the whole dreadfleet box up for me to a "eavy metal" standard as there is no way i am painting all of that shit, and the game wouldnt look right with blobs of grey on the blue watery map they supply.

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