Friday, October 07, 2011

 *edit why cant i get this thing to post the title properly? oh well:

Vehicles for the Vehicle God

thats right ive found some time to get the old modelling hacksaw out and glue my fingers together!!

a few tips, if your gonna use a xacto knife or similar, i find it very useful putting the plaster on your thumb before you cut into it, far less blood. (the gods are not pleased! but i hate having to wear a plaster, so wearing one to prevent wearing one makes strange sense)
and always have a towel.  paper ones that you chuck just go faster than people leaving a room when you fart.  I have this light blue disaster thats now covered in paint, glue and other interesting substances that i shall not examine further. perfect for cleaning up messes.

so! you all want pictures dontcha:

here we go, picture number one,  a rhino with a spikey circle bit on it.
"not very exciting" i hear you cry? or "what on earth is that supposed to be"

well if we move onto picture two and three:

yes! thats right, its a little spikey podium for my
fourth squad of angry khorne marines.  this is the squad thats actually just plane marines, who havent had the full experience of millenias of bloodshed like the other three khornflakes. as such theyre toting around a nice icon and meltaguns with the lovely forgeworld chainsaw attachments to their bolters. still need to finish assembly of them though.

next up! its putty time, because of course theres another rhino to build.   now copying a technique from tim over at the vanus temple (linky to method) used years and years ago for his khorn followers, i am attempting to cover Kharn's humble ride into an overflowing mountain of skulls on wheels (well... tracks really)
 first step,  grab some vaseline, putty, random free bases, skulls, pins and finally a lighter (im not a smoker but i do have some)

 step two, take your pins, and heat the tips with the lighter.  make sure the points are touching the tip of the flame.  and if it gets to hot to hold switch to something more heat resistant than your fingertips

while the tip is orange, jam it into the back of the skulls, and let it cool.  finally add some glue to make sure they wont come out when you pull.

now thats done, roll out your greenstuff (in this case i used some old grey metally stuff i had that i just wasnt using, because its not very good and it stinks!)  once its all mixed together slap it in a big thick mound on your spare base.  then give it a nice brush of vaseline, other oily substances can be used, as it all just prevents the putty from clinging to the surface of the rhino. because as you might of guessed, the next step is to squish it into the area you want it into. once that is done, take your skulls and give them a little brush too (not to much, want to keep those details crisp)  and start stamping them into the putty.

this is only part one of the whole skull armour process.  part two will be accomplished tommorrow i hope. gotta wait for these to dry (i know, amazing that i might post two days in a row!!!)

but for now. i bid you adieu as i go fire up the oven for some pizza, and perhaps get an early night as in preperation for the early day tommorow.   COME ON ENGLAND!!!  thrash those frenchies!!  (ruggers 2011, youll find this post in the far distant future, and remember when it all went wrong :P)


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