Friday, July 01, 2011

woops, need to post!

soo ive been very quiet recently on the blogfront, but thats just pure lazyness so bear with me as i show you some lovely new stuff ive done:

so i finished the first squad, and finished magnetizing that dozer blade, on the rhino which needs to get some primer in the near future
then i primer'd the next two squads on the block, the forgeworld ones,  lovely dragon red there

and finally ive finished off their bases, so theyre ready for drilling and then the above warriors can be mounted.

still to do: 3 more rhinos need assembling
zhufor needs his parts primed and painted, then final assembly
the other termies need assembling and i need to fix my mould for the LC
the last squad of marines needs assembling(the boltgun-chainsaw-melta-marines)
and then i need to think about buying land raiders, oblits and digging out my defiler thats hiding in the attic, who needs some extra arms (wewt wewt 4 closecombat weapons ftw!)

And that's without even touching my dark angels, which has a list that's ridiculously long but if i get inspired/bored then that's something i can get on with

Also got me a dremell, so drilling for magnets or pinning is gonna go so much faster <3   just need to be careful with resin! masks anyone?


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