Friday, July 15, 2011

Skulls for the skull throne! kharn has arrived :D

Good news everybody!

O'rly Doctor nick?

yes.... and my names not nick!
anyway, Kharn has arrived! mr tim over at vanus temple finally finished the bugger off yesterday... and then i brought it home and fixed it a bit more.. (shh dont tell him!)  anyway here he is looking lovely:

the shoulder pad was one of the things timmy missed, gotta make sure my world eaters have worlds to eat!

The Gory axe, as meant to have a removable gore streak, but again tim disappointed me with being unable to craft one! (methinks the new Storm of Magic distracted him too much..grrrr)
So thats on the to-do list, when ive got me some spare time, and some goopy see-through stuff!  i hear tamiya makes something useful

a bit of a closer shot on the base, notice the red blood seeping out, thats me, the glow on the pistol is all tim tho, it looks wonderful!  theres some green around the eye too that i need to learn for the others

now group shot!

Everything else is still waiting for some form of paint/construction  so lots to do, and it looks like i might actually have some time to do so! the quiet no-wedding months are ahead <3


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