Tuesday, July 05, 2011

eeep work ahead !

so, once again i am all booked up in time at work, seriously working this much should be a crime! but some other lucky so and so's have decided to jump ship and go on holiday for the week, and the castle is so bloody busy during summer already :(

  just need to be patient and wait for august when i am off for turkey... well that is unless i get a new job at a nicer place soon!  which i just mite, phone interview thursday, fingers crossed i dont just waffle on and bore them to death over the phone :S

in more relevant news (to you anyway, you dont read this for my daily life, just the modelling goodness)  not much progress so far (i promise ill get some time for them soon.... err i hope.... maybe.... >< )


ooh before i forget, lovely tim over at the vanus temple says hes nearly finished with kharn, just some gore-modelling-issues, so i will have that to show soon :D

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