Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Thats right! ive been modelling, and with these glue covered hands i shall show you what it is i have modeled ....

or at least i would be if the internet was behaving itself... some issue with picasa at the moment.... or possibly blogspot..

anyway hopefully more pictures later!

Edit:  hurrah it works now! goodness knows what was wrong, anyway lookie lookie ive got some spikey .. ermm... rhinookie?

hehe bad rhyming aside isnt it just wonderful! the bitspudlo dozer blade really fits the model in a chaosy not quite pre-heresey way, and the chain bits from the sprues really fit well onto it.

another thing you mite notice is the spikes sticking up out of the armour, i felt that its a much nicer way of representing chaos than the iron railings supplied, and so some quick work with a drill bit and some clippers and you get this nice random effect.
not perfect though, i would of preferred to get some stress and bending from the plastic as i pushed the drill bit through, but i didnt push too hard for fear of snapping the plastic, perhaps i will try the next one with a bit of heat applied to get that stretch, i happen to know i have a heat gun hiding in some forgotten corner somewhere.

and why did it take me so long to do this lovely tank, well heres why! magnets magnets magnets!!! i have them everywhere, just in case i want a chaos predator or if GW decides to add razorbacks to the armoury (with twin-twin-linked reaper autocannons plxkkthxbai)

anyway thats all for now, need a dremel or a right sized drill bit to help finish magnetizing the dozer,

and of course i still need to get round to priming the hell out of all my bezerkers!

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