Tuesday, May 24, 2011

mouldy mould

today i have mostly been eating out of date food.....
not really! hah you didnt think this blog was about food did you ?

but the title is apt, ive been messing around with moulds! silicone ones!
here are some in the process of creating the first half of 2 2 piece moulds. not gonna tell you whats in them because ill probably be slandered for something, but it sure is too expensive to buy certain terminator bits isnt it! especially if bits stores dont stock for money reasons.
and heres a mould thts completed... sorta, has the 2 parts and fits together but its very naff, and you can probably make out all the blue residue from the clay on one :(
still it was sorta finished so i practiced pouring some resin into it, which worked fine,  but then i got impatient with it and ripped it open when only half was dry!  fail.....

checkin the dry part though i was sufficiently happy with the detail it had retained, though i was saddend by the none dry bit being a bit weak from the design of the weapon, thin barrels are annoying!  oh well ill try again when ive finished the other two, as i had loads of resin left over that hardened in their little plastic pot very quickly. and i had to chuck.

so tell me, (anyone who wants to that is.... cmon smone ... hello? hello?  .....hellooooooooooo? :'(  ) whats your prefered technique for moulding, mine seems to be : make a mess, make some more mess, cleanup later. :D


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