Wednesday, May 18, 2011

more bezerker goodness

huzzah another one done, and another on the way. slow progress, but its some!

i would love to be doing these faster, but batch painting isn't for me, i can only do one colour for so long before it gets tedious, and that length of time is about one model's worth! I do tend to worry nowadays that i mite have some form of ADHD or other, but i guess ill dismiss it as some sorta placebo effect caused by all those headlines in newspapers and reality tv..... at least until i get a really friendly doctor or go crazy.  My job and resultant searching for a better one also gets in the way, i wish i had a regular schedule for work but needs must to fuel this plastic/resin drug!

as a side note and bonus for... well my 0 followers, and because i want to.  My workspace! :

the daylight lamp in the middle there is the best thing ive ever bought, that psychological thing (seasonal affective disorder) seems to exist for me, as i feel happier and more active when its on... could just be the glue fumes tho.
bit of Iplayer keeps me amused when im'a hobbying. also, my display shelves above this:

bit wonky, and covered in things ive painted or have yet to paint/finish assembling.
from top to bottom:
some warhammer, vampire and nurgly warriors, along with some bone coloured necrons courtesy of a very simple painting technique ill share at some point, and some ebay bought red rods
then on the second shelf, my currently painted dark angels and a companion cube cutout from a magazine <3 also a small mirror from way back
on the final shelf, weve got some unpainted figures that i love, lots of resiny world eater stuff, some dark angels including my land raider ares, semi assembled and waiting for me to get off my lazy arse and start painting it, and finally some lego in an attempt at resin casting, still need to make a 2nd half of the mould, very messy process though,

anyway, until next time!

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