Saturday, May 21, 2011

another one down

yay one more beserker for the troop slot:

sooo whats next on the stuff to do block, well more beserkers thats for sure, this is only number 4 out of squad 1, so thats another 35 more to go, (one squad is only 9 man for kharny)

and then i need some rhinos.... or land raiders.

now unless you manage to stay away from popular blog sites and forums you will have heard about all those changes that GW is undergoing at the mo,  finecast minature range rolling out, price hikes left right and centre, and a clamp down on leaky boardrooms.  What does this mean to me?   well not much yet thank god. still boxes of stuff that needs assembling/painting/loving.  And i do want to save up for some gameboard/mat/terrain too.  got my eye on some nifty producers of gaming materials (zuzzy, battleinabox,customkingdoms, terrainmat etc etc etc) i hope they dont raise prices too.

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