Monday, May 23, 2011

money money money!

hmm money.

fickle thing aint it. everyone wants it, so they can change it into nice things... like models :D
and with that price rise announcement for the end of the month im in a bit of a predicament.... should i spend about £300 now and get the non-metal models i need to finish the armies, or should i wait and buy them when i win the lottery ....

frankly im leaning to the buy now option, but it worries me with lots of "what if's"  :   what if my car breaks and needs repairing, what if i break an appendage and need expensive surgery..... what if, what if....
irritating isnt it.
anyway heres a nice piccy of what im working on today:
yay more bezerker assembly.
once im finished assembling ill be in yet another dilemma.  do i stick them in a washing up liquid bath for a couple of days to get rid of mould release gunk, or do i just prime away and hope for the best...

oh well, back to the glue fumes.

and i think ive made my descision:  buy now, save money on the basics, and then drool over any new "finecast" minatures that come out...until ive earnt enough to go spending again.
empty wallet syndrome incoming!

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