Saturday, October 08, 2011

lo and behold, there was greenstuff!

hello again! i have done and delivered some updates on the whole press moulding from the day before.

a few things to note,

1) really really hammer home those skull faces into your moulds, the detail can be so easily squished out by neighbouring skulls. i suspect just having loads of skulls on hand and having them all squished in at once would help

2) do not attempt to remove the green stuff that you are pressing into, once applied. it adheres very strongly and could break your models.  (i didnt apply it thank god, instead doing a tester run on the back of a base, and i just cant get this stuff off now, even heard the plastic crack a little under strain)

so anyway, onto some pics :
stuff you will need!

1) your press mould
2) your greenstuff
3) your model that your applying to (the plastic base under the greenstuff is the example)
4) water, lots of water. because when you squish and smush the putty, it does get sticky, and simple water stops it sticking! hurrah!
possible 5) would be some vaseline or oil for the mould, when you jam it as hard as possible onto the stuff, you mite want it back. i had no trouble without the oil/vaseline, but you might! so never say i didnt warn you!

so first off, wet those fingers!

and mix that putty!

then apply to desired location.  (NO! bad hand, put it on the test base!!) 

then get your mould

and apply that hulk like strength, that only a frustrated modeller can have!

and voila, instant creepy skulls.

now i appreciate that these arent very well defined, but im sure the appropriate paints can go a long way to improving their "skull-ness"   see how the next picture has more clearly defined skulls, as the result of a better mould.

anyway, thats all from me for now.  suffering a bit on the money front from reckless spending, so this press moulding will be on hold until i can afford a huge lump of greenstuff (i hear you can get more for less from non-GW sources ^^ ) This is gonna put a stall on finishing the rhino's the way i want....  but perhaps i can do those pesky bezerkers instead.

until next time.

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