Wednesday, August 10, 2011

im not following the latest wd trends honest!

"where are you, and why havent you been posting pics of beserker goodness" i hear you yell in silent frustration,

well.... err yeah i havent been doing any modeling recently ><  mostly because ive been at work (40 hours of work in a week! eek!) and when i come home all tired i begin to distract myself with all things video gamey, damn that other addictive passion of mine that can be done from the comfort of a couch.

but low and behold i have done some!  modeling!  today!

now i know it doesn't look like much but there was a lots of TLC needed for these models to before priming, swapping weapons and attaching shields, pinning the odd torso and legs together to make em stay together, etc etc, i am sure you've all done that before

alas these models arent for khorne, but another bloody cult!  vampire counts! wewt wewt!  countaining the very best in skeletons and vampires, i have dug out my old collection assembled them and given them a primer, so lots of lovely painting to come i hope!   or i will probably burn myself out on the skeletons and move onto one of my other armies that lay waiting half finished, etc....

some lovely models there though, a skeleton Pegasus i found on eBay (it has a rider that's just ugly tho, so hes gone to the bitzbox) the limited edition vampire standard bearer,  some old vampires and wights, oh and 4 black knights.... yes 4 ! when 5 is the minimum unit size ><   to the shops!

anyway i am eying up my other boxes of rhinos and the primed beserkers, so hopefully they wont stay in limbo for long!  also still waiting on magnets for the termies
but i have a week!  sort of, to get some progress, finally my time at the castle will be over soon and onto new and nicer careers that don't demand such random shift patterns that mess with me.

(oh an ill be off to turkey for a holiday soon too :D)

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