Monday, June 06, 2011


so work has been mental this weekend, 3 weddings! gah!   too much work, feet in pain zzzzzzzz

in between the hell though i have had more of a crack at the moulding, and i have this to say.

2 part moulds are F*****g hard to do!!
the resin leaks into the gap between the 2 moulds,
bubbles form in tiny bits and even though i make loads of holes to let it out it doesnt improve with each cast ><
i hate the residue left behind from the clay!
arghh bubbles!
arrgh silicone moulds!

gotta be an easier way to do this....   but that will have to wait, need to order some more silicone for mould making...
resin seems easy to work with, mix 50/50 in a cup, pour into mould, keep checking the cup to see if its still warm, when it cools down the cast is finished!  (n.b. make sure its a bit more 60/40 in favour of the hardener, otherwise the resin is rubbery like finecast!)

oh and as always with resin, dont breathe in the crumbs/dust!!

anyway some pictures tommorrow i hope, more work tonight :(

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