Tuesday, March 20, 2012

necron HQ pics

a little late as i finished these a while ago, but heres some nice eye candy for ya:

 destroyer lord rawr!
converted with regular destroyer, and parts from the overlord from the barge i have. use that driver with the eye thingy as it fits the exsisting destroyer heads in the background there.

also a res orb.... just because i might use it...

And heres my lovely obyron and nemesor representatives.

the ltd edition lord with light staff and a pariah with the barge lord cape.

very nice duo, and ofc large bases, because theyre special!

next my first cryptek, more of a test than anything. im happy with how he makes a fair representative, and i dont have to use the huge chin finecast figures.
need to make more of these, ive got a spare 3 bodys and staves to use which will be a nice start

then i get to think about lord proxies.... warriors with sycthes or the metal/finecast models?
choices choices
and the obligatory blurry army shot.

the two vehicles i have still need me to start the paint jobs. and i have some immortals to make, and then well see if i have money in the pot to buy more

shameless promotion for the ebay things!!  (dwarf army gone already, i put that too cheap obviously ><)


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